Brown Suspended…Just Like We Called It!

Mike Brown has been suspended after his outburst in Satuday night’s game against the Jazz. We called this yesterday  in our Sunday editorial…and in our Game Recap  the night before as well.

In less than a season, the Lakers have become a  bad bet. Witness the massive PR campaign by the Los Angeles media machine already in play–touting the Laker girls, Kobe’s teamsmanship, Kobe’s fitness–he even took off his wristguard–the joys of living in Los Angeles…anything at all.

Imagine…a once-legendary team now reduced to pimping itself for players…all because of lack of leadership.


And what kind of players can the Lakers woo to build the team with this kind of leadership? Is this why Barnes and Watson were laughing afterwards? Did they have anything to do with allowing the opportunity for Brown to show his true self and force the situation?

Yesterday, asked if we would see a new coach for tomorrow’s game against Philadephia.

The answer is yes.

And now, with the PR campaign surrounding the 76’s and Bryant’s roots…

Now, with a franchise and billions at stake…

Now, asks…

Will this new coach become permanent?

Tonight, it seems, way more than a game is at stake. Tonight, it’s winner takes all.

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